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Nootropics are substances that have been shown to improve cognition.

By definition, all of the following conditions must have been shown in order to qualify as a nootropic:

1.) Enhances learning and memory

2.) Protects the brain against physical or chemical damage

3.) Possesses little to no side effects and extremely low toxicity



F1 is our cognitive boosting formula containing three of the most effective peer-reviewed nootropics available:

Aniracetam, Noopept and Phenylpiracetam.

They are supported by DMAE to form a synergistic, caffeine-free stack designed to optimize focus, mental clarity and memory.

F1 is manufactured in cold formed aluminum blister packs to provide a complete barrier from moisture, light, oxygen and contamination in order to maximize safety, quality and efficacy.






Aniracetam has been implicated in improving judgement and possessing a wide range of anti-anxiety properties.

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noopept-molecule-light blue circle


Studies demonstrate noopept to have a positive impact on memory and cognition while also providing a multicomponent neuroprotective effect.

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This stimulating nootropic has been shown to significantly enhance memory function and improve cognition.

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A naturally-occuring nootropic nutrient found to improve learning, fight fatigue and provide support to choline levels in the brain.

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  • Works great for jet lag!
    - Sherry
  • I love it. Mental fatigue and poor mood were gone within an hour. Well balanced. Lasted maybe 6 hrs in total.
    - Alejandro A.
  • I received my sample pack last week. I have tried various nootropics out there and honestly F1 is by far the greatest. You don’t feel jittery or uncomfortably energetic.  
    - Darcy Clarke
  • I found that F1 by Nootroplus optimized my mental function without adverse side effects like too much coffee or energy drinks.  
    -Dalton Hobbs
  • Great stuff! The way I describe it is like “putting on a new pair of prescription glasses” seeing everything clearly. Music was also very profound and satisfying to the ears than normal.
    - Jose Portales
  • I’ve been using this for about a solid month now, and the results are fantastic. I work in a very stressful, and mental demanding job that requires me to be always on my toes- Nootroplus has really given me a better push at getting me through the day.
    - Casey C.


We source only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that undergo extensive third party testing. Our products are USA manufactured in a cGMP certified facility.


Nootropic compounds that have extensive research published on their cognitive-boosting and neuroprotective properties.


Our ingredients are among the most effective nootropics available.